Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Trump Polls and Results March 2016

Donald Trump took to the stage in Jupiter Florida for a victory speech after a very successful day in the republican primaries on March 8. Trump won a total of 3 out of the 4 states on offer, Mississippi, Michigan and Hawaii, while Ted Cruz was victorious in Idaho.

Stating that it had been a "an amazing evening" before lamenting that he had not ever had "so many horrible horrible things said about me in one week". This after a flurry of negative ads added to the onslaught against him by former republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

Speaking before results in Hawaii were announced he said "I want to thank the public, I want to thank the people of Michigan, I want to thank the people of Mississippi and it such a great honor"

Here are the full results


Trump  47.3%
Cruz    36.3%
Kasich 8.8%
Rubio   5.1%


Trump  36.5%
Cruz    24.9%
Kasich 24.3%
Rubio   9.3%


Trump  42.4%
Cruz    32.7%
Rubio   13.1%
Kasich 10.6%


Cruz    45.4%
Trump  28.1%
Rubio   15.9%
Kasich  7.4%

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