Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Results Republican Primaries Tuesday March 8 2016

On Tuesday it was another very good night for republican frontrunner Donald Trump who triumphed in  the states of Mississippi, Michigan and Hawaii while Texas Senator Ted Cruz posted a win in Idaho. In the all important delegate count Trump now stands at 458, Cruz at 359, Rubio at 151 and Kasich 54.

We seem to be no closer to predicting whether or not Trump will reach the magic count of 1,237 and various strategies have been floated over the last few days of how to deny him the nomination should he not reach that number when the convention rolls around.

Keeping the remaining 3 adversaries to Trump in the race until the very end would be one possible way to deny him an outright majority, last week Mitt Romney hinted at the idea of Ohio Republicans Voting for Kasich and Florida Republicans voting for Rubio, tactical voting in order to lower Trump`s possibilities.

Should Trump win the delegate count by a significant margin but not reach 1,237 then denying him the nomination could risk fragmenting the party, it would be a massive gamble.

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