Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Results Super Tuesday Georgia March 1 2016 Republican

Georgia will be one of the states that vote in the republican primaries on March 1. It is considered extremely important as 76 delegates are available and could give us an indication as to who will win the nomination.

A recent poll conducted by WSJ/NBC shows that businessman and current republican frontrunner Donald Trump is leading in the state with 30% support. Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio are tied in second place on 23% and in turn Kasich and Carson are tied a long way back on 9%.

It must be noted that this is the poll with the lowest margin of advantage for Trump and the RealClearpolitics average actually has Trump leading by 14.4% on 36.2% with Ted Cruz narrowly beating Rubio with 21.8%.

As soon as the first results come in from the state of Georgia they will be published on this site.

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