Monday, March 28, 2016

Republican Polls GOP March 29 2016 Trump, Cruz, Kasich

Republican Polls within the last few weeks show that the battle between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz is intensifying.

In the state of Wisconsin which is the next state to go to the polls on April 5 a new Emerson poll has showed that Trump and Cruz are neck and neck, this is a marked change from a poll in February which showed Trump with a big lead.

The poll shows Cruz on 36% just above Trump who obtained 35% and Kasich in third with 19%.

In New York however the situation is very different with Donald Trump in an extremely powerful position, leading with 64% of the vote, Cruz on 15% and Kasich on just 1%.

In New York a total of 95 delegates are up for grabs, making it a vital stop on the election campaign.

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