Thursday, March 31, 2016

Republican Polls GOP April 1 2016 Trump, Cruz, Kasich

As we approach the date for the Republican Wisconsin Primary, the controversy that has swirled around the campaign reaches fever pitch.

There is no doubt that the agenda is being set by Trump, who thrives upon creating controversy and being attacked by the media, both left and right. This appeals to his core supporters who feel they are not represented by Washington and the establishment.

Ted Cruz has positioned himself as the main contender to the business mogul, becoming a more palatable candidate for the "anybody but Trump" lobby.

Kasich continues to trundle on, mopping up the more moderate republican voters since the departure of Marco Rubio from the race.

Wisconsin Primary  (42 delegates)

Wisconsin is a winner-take-all state and takes place on April 5

Marquette Poll 

March 24-28, Sample Size 471, Margin of Error 5.8%

Ted Cruz            40%
Donald Trump     30%
John Kasich       21%

Optimus Poll

March 22-24, Sample Size 6182, Margin of Error 1.1%

Donald Trump    31%
John Kasich      29%
Ted Cruz           27%

Emerson Poll 

March 20-22, Sample Size 439, Margin of Error 4.6%

Ted Cruz          36%
Donald Trump   35%
John Kasich     19%

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