Monday, April 25, 2016

Exit Polls Pennsylvania Republican April 26 2016

Today the great state of Pennsylvania will be the setting for a Republican Primary of great importance.

The current state of the race is very uncertain with Donald Trump now the only candidate who can realistically reach the 1,237 delegates required in order to secure outright the nomination. However, if he fails to reach this mark then it will go down to a Contested Convention, where anything could happen.

Current delegate count

Donald Trump    845
Ted Cruz           559
John Kasich      148

A total of 71 delegates are available in Pennsylvania, however 54 of these are unbound, meaning that the winner of popular vote is only guaranteed 17 delegates, then it will be up to each individual delegate with regards to who to support.

As soon as the first exit polls and results start coming in from Pennsylvania they will be published here.

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