Sunday, April 24, 2016

Maryland Republican GOP Polls 25 April 2016 Trump, Cruz

The state of Maryland is due to vote on April 26, with a total of 38 delegates up for grabs. Usually at this stage of the race the competition is pretty much done and dusted, however this year there is a completely different state of affairs which has lead to much more attention being invested in smaller states which vote late in the campaign.

According to updated polling numbers, it is once again Donald Trump who is the frontrunner and looks like the big favorite to notch up yet another important triumph.

Maryland Latest Republican Polls

PPP (April 5-17) Sample Size 310, Margin of Error 5.7%

Donald Trump   43%
John Kasich     29%
Ted Cruz          24%

Monmouth (April 10-12) Sample Size 301, Margin of Error 5.7%

Donald Trump   47%
John Kasich     27%
Ted Cruz          19%

With such a significant lead it would be hard to bet against "The Donald" winning yet another state, although there is much debate about whether he can make it past the magic 1,237 delegates he requires to achieve the nomination.

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