Friday, April 15, 2016

Delaware Republican Primary Polls April 16 2016 Trump, Cruz

The Delaware Primary will take place on April 26 alongside 4 other states, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Maryland and Connecticut.

Depending on how the results go, these elections could give us a much clearer idea about about whether Donald Trump can win the nomination or if we are headed for a contested convention.

Trump will definately need to do well if he wants to keep his chances of reaching the 1,237 delegate mark alive. He now needs to win 60% of the remaning delegates in order to achieve this.

Although Delaware is one of the smaller states going to the polls, with only 16 delegates on offer, with a republican race coming down to the wire, every delegate counts.

No reliable polling has been conducted in the state which employs a winner-take-all format but recent polls show Trump leading by impressive margins in New York, Pennsylvania and Maryland.

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