Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Republican Maryland GOP Polls April 14 2016 Trump, Cruz

The state of Maryland will go to the polls in the Republican Primary on April 26 along with 4 other states. Connecticut, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania and Delaware will vote on the same day which will be vital going into the home straight on the Republican campaign trail.

There are 38 delegates available in the state and according to the latest polls, Donald Trump has the upper hand.

Monmouth Poll April 10-12, Sample Size 301, Margin of Error 5.7%

Donald Trump   47%
John Kasich     27%
Ted Cruz          19%

NBC 4, Marist Poll April 5-9, Sample Size 368, Margin of Error 5.1%

Donald Trump   41%
Ted Cruz          29%
John Kasich     24%

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