Saturday, April 23, 2016

Maryland Republican GOP Polls April 23 2016 Trump, Cruz

Maryland will go to the polls next Tuesday in the Republican Primary which comes at a vital moment during the campaign trial.

Following the Primary in the key state of New York where real state mogul Donald Trump triumphed in spectacular fashion, winning at least 89 delegates out of a total of 95.

If we take the republican polls for the Maryland Primary there is a clear indication that the businessman is greatly favored in the state, which adopts a winner-take-all allocation.

Latest Polls Maryland

PPP (April 5-17) Sample Size 310, Margin of Error 5.7%

Donald Trump   43%
John Kasich     29%
Ted Cruz          24%

Monmouth (April 10-12) Sample Size 301, Margin of Error 5.7%

Donald Trump   47%
John Kasich     27%
Ted Cruz          19%

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