Saturday, April 16, 2016

Pennsylvania Republican GOP Polls April 17 2016 Trump, Cruz

After a long wait, it will finally be Pennsylvania`s turn to vote in the Republican Primaries and unlike many previous election cycles, this time how the state votes could really affect the course of the race.

So the scene is set for a showdown between the remaining candidates on April 26, when voters from the Keystone State will go to the polls, alongside 4 other states, Delaware, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Maryland. In Pennsylvania there are 71 delegates available.

Polls show Trump ahead a long way in the state, however 54 of the delegates elected in the state are officially unbound and as such are not obligated to pledge support to whoever wins the primary.

Monmouth Poll April 10-12, Sample Size 303, Margin of Error 5.6%

Donald Trump    44%
Ted Cruz           28%
John Kasich      23%

Fox News Poll, April 4-7, Sample Size 802, Margin of Error 3.5%

Donald Trump    48%
John Kasich      22%
Ted Cruz           20%

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