Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Republican Polls GOP April 14 2016 Trump, Cruz

The count down to the New York Primary has begun, there is now less than a week before people in the state go to the polls to choose between the three remaining candidates. It is looking more and more like we are headed for a contested convention, especially since Ted Cruz triumphed in Wisconsin and now Colorado.

According to polls businessman turned politician Donald Trump is ahead in the two key states of New York and Pennsylvania by large margins.

New York RealClearPolitics Average

Donald Trump   53.6%
John Kasich     21%
Ted Cruz          18.6%

Pennsylvania RealClearPolitics Average (March 29-April 7)

Donald Trump   42.8%
Ted Cruz          27%
John Kasich     24%

In New York there are a total of 95 delegates that will be awarded and in Pennsylvania 71 delegates.

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