Monday, April 11, 2016

Democratic Polls April 12 2016 Sanders, Clinton

The next stop on the Democratic Primary campaign is New York, where polls show that Hillary Clinton has the advantage. She currently leads Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders by 54-40, a significant lead no doubt, however the gap between the two contenders has tightened since the end of March.

Polls at the end of March showed Clinton leading by more than 30 points, however, following a string of Sanders Victories it would appear that his campaign has gathered momentum.

A few of the latest polls

Fox News April 4-7, Sample Size 801, Margin of Error 3.5%

Hillary Clinton    53%
Bernie Sanders  37%

Emerson April 6-7, Sample Size 325, Margin of Error 5.4%

Hillary Clinton    56%
Bernie Sanders  38%

CBS News/YouGov March 29-April 1, Sample Size 718, Margin of Error 5.0%

Hillary Clinton    53%
Bernie Sanders  43%

Quinnipiac March 22-29, Sample Size 693, Margin of Error 3.7%

Hillary Clinton    54%
Bernie Sanders  42%

There are 247 delegates available in the state in what is seen as a vital test of support as we reach the final straight in the Primary season.

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