Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Exit Polls Wisconsin Democratic 5 April 2016 Sanders, Clinton

Today Wisconsin goes to the polls in the Democratic Primary, with Bernie Sanders taking on Hillary Clinton in what is likely to be an enthralling contest.

According to the latest average of polls on the site RealClearPolitics, Sanders has a slim advantage over Clinton, leading her by 47.9%-45.3%, winning by 2.6%.

There are 86 delegates up for grabs on voting day and Sanders will be looking to narrow the gap between him and the former First Lady and Secretary of State, as Clinton has a handy advantage in the current delegate count.

Much of Clinton`s lead comes from Superdelegates who opt to support her instead of Sanders, however in a recent interview, Sanders said he believes some of the Superdelegates will start coming over to his side, should he start winning more states.

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