Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Democratic Exit Polls New York April 19 2016 Clinton, Sanders

The big day has finally arrived, today is the New York Primary for the Democratic Party and we are all anxiously awaiting the dramatic face off between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton.

For months Clinton has been dominating the polls in the northern state, far ahead of Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders, however in the last few weeks there has been some indications that Sanders may be narrowing the gap. That said, Hillary Clinton remains a strong favorite in the state.

Clinton currently holds a very large lead in the delegate count mainly due to the fact that she was overwhelming support from superdelegates, who can vote whichever way they please, however in a recent interview Sanderes claimed that he was still confident of victory because he believes these superdelegates will change allegiances as he continues to win states across the country.

As soon as the first democratic exit polls are available they will be published here.

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