Sunday, April 24, 2016

Donald Trump Republican Delegate Count April 25 2016

As we enter the home straight in the Republican Primary campaign, the delegate count becomes ever more important as we look to see if Donald Trump can obtain the 1,237 that he needs or whether we are headed for a Contested Convention.

The system of delegate allocation differs from state to state which makes it very hard to make projections but one thing we do know, Cruz and Kasich have no chance of making it past the finish line before the Convention. This of course leaves two possibilities, a Trump victory or a Contested Convention.

The latest delegate count as of today April 24 according to AP is as follows

Donald Trump    845
Ted Cruz           559
John Kasich      148

This means that Trump requires 392 of the remaining delegates in order to secure the nomination. Many of the establishment figures within the Republican Party have publicly stated that even if Trump is just short, the rules must be followed and a Contested Convention awaits us.

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