Monday, April 25, 2016

Rhode Island Exit Polls Republican Primary 26 April 2016

The tiny state of Rhode Island is often overlooked in Primary Campaigns, both due to its size and also the late date of voting here. This year however things are a little different, every delegate counts and so there is more focus on the state than there would usually be.

Recent polls have shown that Donald Trump is firmly in the lead in this state with anywhere between 38-61%. There are 19 delegates available in the state which are allocated in a proportional manner.

It would appear that Trump has a very good chance of winning in all 5 states as polls show him ahead in all of them. Should this happen he will definitely keep alive his hopes of obtaining the 1,237 delegates that are needed in order to confirm the nomination.

As soon as the first exit polls and results are available for the state of Rhode Island, they will be published here.

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