Friday, April 1, 2016

Republican Polls GOP April 2 2016 Wisconsin

Donald Trump took to the stage for yet another event in this long primary season. "The Donald" touched down in Appleton Wisconsin and talked to the crowds that had gathered at the Radisson Paper Valley Hotel in order to hear him speak.

According to the latest polls from the state of Wisconsin Texas Senator Ted Cruz has begun to gain the upper hand and now leads Donald Trump.

RealClearPolitics Average (19-30 March)

Ted Cruz         36.5%

Donald Trump  32.7%

John Kasich    21%

Should these numbers be repeated on election day then Cruz will take the 42 delegates in the state due to the fact that Wisconsin is a winner-take-all state.

The next state to vote after Wisconsin will be New York where 95 delegates are available and polls show Trump with a massive lead.

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