Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Republican Pennsylvania GOP Polls April 14 2016 Trump, Cruz

The state of Pennsylvania will vote on April 26 in the Republican Primary and there are 71 delegates up for grabs. Extra spice has been added to the campaign after in Colorado all the 34 delegates in the state where awarded to Ted Cruz without a popular vote.

As we enter the final straight, the question is whether or not Trump can reach the 1,237 delegates he requieres in order to secure the nomination.

Polling from Pennsylvania indicates that Trump has a significant lead over his two adversaries, Ted Cruz and John Kasich

Fox News Poll (April 4-7) Sample Size 802, Margin of Error 3.5%

Donald Trump     48%
John Kasich       22%
Ted Cruz            20%

Morning Call (April 1-6) Sample Size 360, Margin of Error 6.0%

Donald Trump     37%
Ted Cruz            29%
John Kasich       28%

Quinnipiac (March 30-April 4) Sample Size 578, Margin of Error 4.1%

Donald Trump     39%
Ted Cruz            30%
John Kasich       24%

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