Thursday, April 14, 2016

New York Republican GOP Polls April 15 2016 Trump, Cruz

New York is Donald Trump`s home state and as such he is expected to do very well here when voters go to the polls on April 19.

There are only 3 candidates remaining on the Republican side out of a total of 17 who started on the campaign trial. Only Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and John Kasich are left in the race and they will now compete for the 95 delegates that New York offers.

The latest 3 polls in New York are as follows:

Siena Poll April 6-11, Sample Size 469, Margin of Error 5.0%

Donald Trump    50%
John Kasich      27%
Ted Cruz           17%

Quinnipiac Poll April 6-11, Sample Size 550, Margin of Error 4.2%

Donald Trump    55%
John Kasich       20%
Ted Cruz           19%

NBC/WSJ/Marist April 6-10, Sample Size 259, Margin of Error 6.1%

Donald Trump    54%
John Kasich      21%
Ted Cruz           18%

Should Trump win 1,237 delegates then he will secure the nomination for the Republican Party and if not, then a contested convention looms. Many commentators believe that a contested convention will be total chaos and various votes will be needed in order to decide who the nominee will be.

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