Sunday, April 24, 2016

Pennsylvania Republican GOP Polls April 25 2016 Trump, Cruz

There are only two days left for campaigning before 5 states go to the polls in the Republican Primaries on Tuesday.

There have already been many ups and downs for the candidates in the last few months, however it has been Donald Trump who has enjoyed more high points than his competitors.

He is currently leading the delegate count by a significant amount as of today (April 24) according to AP

Donald Trump    845
Ted Cruz           559
John Kasich      148

The state with most delegates that votes on Tuesday April 26 is Pennsylvania, although there are a total of 71 delegates available in the state, 54 are unbound, meaning they are not obligated to vote for the winner of the Primary.

Latest Polls Pennsylvania

Franklin & Marshall Poll (April 11-18) Sample Size 549, Margin of Error 4.9%

Donald Trump   40%
Ted Cruz          26%
John Kasich     24%

CBS News/YouGov Poll (April 13-15) Sample Size 837, Margin of Error 4.8%

Donald Trump  46%
Ted Cruz         26%
John Kasich    23%

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