Sunday, April 24, 2016

Delaware Republican Polls April 25 2016 Trump, Cruz

Various states in the North East go to the polls to voice their opinions in the Republican Primaries this Tuesday 26 April.

One of those places where voters will finally be able to choose the favored candidate is in the state of Delaware, a place that has traditionally received little attention due to its small size and the fact that it votes at a date when the nomination is usually pretty much confirmed. This year, however, with the race not being as clear cut as previous years and with candidates scrambling to obtain every last delegate possible, Delaware is being focused on more.

Only a few recent polls have been conducted here and they show that Donald Trump has the upper hand.

Emerson Poll (April 10-11), Sample Size 354, Margin of Error 5.2%

Donald Trump    50%
John Kasich      26%
Ted Cruz           17%

Quinnipiac Poll (April 12-18), Sample Size 823, Margin of Error 3.4%

Donald Trump   48%
John Kasich     28%
Ted Cruz         19%

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