Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Results Bernie Sanders New York Primary April 19 2016

Bernie Sanders has been the great surprise in the Democratic Primaries this year. Running on a platform of democratic socialism he has attracted massive crowds who say they want to see a fairer society.

Today voters in New York will go to the polls to decide with Democratic candidate best represents their views and values. According to recent polling Hillary Clinton holds a lead over Sanders in the northern state but her advantage has been eroded slightly following a string of Sanders victories since the end of April.

A win for the Senator from Vermont in New York could be an excellent stepping stone going into the next primaries on April 26, when 5 more states will go to the polls and a large amount of delegates are at stake.

In a recent interview Sanders claimed that he believes the superdelegates will begin to defect to his cause as he begins to win more states across the country.

As soon as the first results are available they will be published here.

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