Saturday, April 23, 2016

Republican Polls GOP Pennsylvania April 23 2016 Trump, Cruz

After a thumping win for Donald Trump in New York all eyes are now on the next 5 states to go to the polls on April 26. Yet another Super Tuesday will bring out republican and Democrat voters in the states of Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Delaware and Connecticut.

The big question now is whether or not Trump can repeat his success which on Tuesday saw him win a total of 89 delegates out of a possible 95.

If polls are anything to go by then Trump has a very good chance of winning the popular vote in Pennsylvania and Maryland, the other states are somewhat a mystery due to the fact that no reliable polling has been done recently in these areas.

As regards to Pennsylvania the RealClearPolitics average (April 4-18) has Trump at 43.8% followed by Cruz in second place with 24.6% and Kasich in third with 23.6%.

Maryland shows a very similar story with the businessman on 41% but Kasich edging out Cruz for second place with 26.3%, the Texas Senator comes in third with 24.5%

Should these numbers play out on election day then Trump has a very good chance of pushing closer to the 1,237 delegates he requires to win the nomination, however, in Pennsylvania a total of 54 delegates are unbound, so conceivably he could win with a majority of the popular vote but still be way behind in terms of delegate allocation in the state.

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