Saturday, April 16, 2016

New York Republican GOP Polls April 17 2016 Trump, Cruz

Donald Trump, who is currently leading the Republican Race will face off against Ted Cruz and John Kasich in his home state of New York on April 19. Many commentators see Trump as the massive favourite going into the contest and polls support this conclusion.

In fact such is the businessman`s support in the northern state that the majority of recent polls are showing him easily exceeding 50% of the vote. Should this be reflected in the results and Trump gains the majority of support in all districts then he would win almost all of the delegates that are on offer, a total of 95.

Latest New York Polling

NBC 4 NY/WSJ/Maris, April 10-13, Sample Size 313, Margin of Error 5.5%

Donald Trump   54%
John Kasich     25%
Ted Cruz          16%

Optimus, April 11-14, Sample Size 14201, Margin of Error 1.0%

Donald Trump   49%
John Kasich     23%
Ted Cruz          14%

Should "The Donald" secure victory by as large a margin as these polls suggest then it will be a welcome return to winning ways for him, having been soundly beaten in Wisconsin and after Cruz took all of the delegates in Colorado in somewhat controversial circumstances.

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