Wednesday, April 13, 2016

New York Republican GOP Polls April 14 2016

The Republican Primary season is reaching crunch point as various key states go to the polls. Defeats for frontrunner Donald Trump in Wisconsin and Colorado have lowered expectations that Trump will obtain the 1,237 delegates he requires and thus heightening the possibility of a contested convention.

Cruz took all 34 delegates in the state of Colorado which has a complex system and a popular vote didn`t take place, invoking the fury of Trump, "This was a political hack deal, like so much of our country. This is what our country's all about I guess" he complained.

The next state that will go to the polls is New York, where Trump is expected to do well. In his campaign events in the state he has been relentlessly attacking Cruz for a comment he made in one of the televised debates where he said Trump represented New York Values, which was done with "scorn" according to the businessman.

Trump has repeatedly railed against what he views as a corrupt system, which has earned him some powerful enemies from within the establishment, spawning a movement of republicans who call themselves "Never Trump" indicating they will not vote for the real estate mogul, even in the general election.

New York RealClearPolitics Average

Donald Trump   53.6%
John Kasich     21%
Ted Cruz          18.6%

Pennsylvania RealClearPolitics Average (March 29-April 7)

Donald Trump   42.8%
Ted Cruz          27%
John Kasich     24%

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