Sunday, April 24, 2016

Donald Trump Speech 25 April 2016

With the republican race hotting up, the 3 candidates will be having a number of events just one day before 5 key states in the north east go to the polls in order to select who they best think can represent them.

Donald Trump in particular has become famous for his explosive speeches to packed crowds. On Monday April 25 he will give two speeches in Pennsylvania, at 4pm at West Chester University and at 7pm at Mohegan Sun Arena at Casey Plaza.

With less than 2 months left before the end of the primaries, there is much doubt swirling around the republican nomination. Donald Trump is the only one who can get the 1,237 delegates required in order to secure the nomination. Failing that, it will come down to a contested convention which is likely to be a very chaotic event which threatens to lay bare great divides within the party.

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