Monday, April 25, 2016

Delaware Exit Polls Republican Primary April 26 2016

This Tuesday 5 states will go to the polls as the Republican Primary season nears its conclusion.

Hitherto it has been a hectic campaign, with Donald Trump sparking numerous controversies and annoying the establishment. He looks set to continue doing it, as according to polls he is ahead in all 5 states that vote today and looks set to win them all.

In Pennsylvania however, there are a total of 71 delegates available but 54 of them are unbound, meaning that Trump could win the state handily but only receive 17 delegates.

A new poll by Gravis conducted between April 17-18 showed Trump on 55%, followed by John Kasich with 18% and Cruz in third place with 15%.

As soon as the first exit polls and results are available they will be published here.

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