Monday, April 25, 2016

Republican Polls Connecticut April 26 2016 Trump, Cruz

There hasn`t been a great deal of polling done in the state of Connecticut, maybe due to its small size and late voting date. This year, however, it will be taking on more importance given the current situation in the Republican Primaries.

There have been two recent polls which show a significant lead for Businessman Donald Trump. Similar polls in Pennsylvania, Maryland and Delaware also show the real estate mogul leading heftily. If these trends continue then it is likely to be yet another very good day for Trump.

Latest Polls Connecticut

Quinnipiac (April 12-18) Sample Size 823, Margin of Error 3.4%

Donald Trump     48%
John Kasich       28%
Ted Cruz            19%

Emerson (April 10-11) Sample Size 354, Margin of Error 5.2%

Donald Trump    50%
John Kasich      26%
Ted Cruz          17%

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